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Rush Limbaugh – A Tribute book review: “Stories From 30 Years of Listening to Rush Limbaugh” (April 26, 2022)

Evil’s Promise: Dooming People to Lives of Abject Misery will be available on Amazon in September 2022.

Book #1: Rush Limbaugh Tribute series, available on Amazon now.

Rush Limbaugh—A Tribute

Why I Listen and What I’ve Learned

My collection of notes about what I’ve learned from Rush turned into this book. The project began in November 2019 and finished when I published the book a month before Rush passed away on February 17, 2021.

Click here for more on Tribute, including reader comments about the book.

Evil's Promise

Book #2: Rush Limbaugh Tribute series, available on Amazon now.

Evil’s Promise

Dooming People to Lives of
Abject Misery

The tribute to Rush continues with my second book on what he taught over the years. It is available on Amazon now! The Preface and “Missing Rush” are available as PDF files. Click here for chapter titles.

The new book’s subtitle is a quote from Rush and a theme he talked about often. It’s about the left’s attempt to take over America, how Rush felt about it, how to recognize leftist tactics, and how to defeat leftists and their ideology with education.

Click here for more on Evil’s Promise, including quotes about Rush from close friends.

Must Read Mark Levin Books

Mark Levin’s tribute to Rush after he passed away touched me, along with other comments from Rush’s closest friends. Rush called Mark one of his best friends, and I think I know why. The two think alike, love America the same, and fight the left with equal vigor and determination. They are both intellectual giants. In Rush Segment Notes, you’ll especially want to look at Review #14 (Rush’s conversation with Mark about Liberty and Tyranny).

Mark has written many books, but these four stand out for me. Their contents go perfectly with the subjects discussed on this website. Nevertheless, you’ll want to look at all Mark’s titles. The first book I read by Mark was Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America. We hope the current court reverses the trend, especially after overturning Roe v. Wade.

Review segments:

– Rush Limbaugh, “Mark Levin’s Book Liberty and Tyranny Debuts at #1” (March 24, 2009).

– Rush Limbaugh, “I Don’t Have to Write Another Book Because Mark Levin Wrote ‘Ameritopia’” (January 17, 2012).

– Rush Limbaugh, “My Speech Inducting Mark Levin Into the National Radio Hall of Fame” (November 19, 2018).

Rush Revere Series

Rush Revere Notes

On Thursdays, I publish a new note on a chapter from Rush’s five-volume Rush Revere series. The notes are meant as a guide to parents to help them focus on the most important principles taught by Rush as they teach their children.

Rush Segment Notes

On Mondays, I publish a new note on a favorite Rush program segment from the years between 2002 and 2021. I pick the topics randomly from my Rush segment “best of” stack of stuff.

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My Passion

Rush told us to follow our passions. I finally did mine, which I proudly display here with a link to my website, Bible Land Images, and the latest pages on the site. I launch a new page every Tuesday by 8:00 AM (MT).

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Rush Revere Series

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