I have listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio for 30 years. I have studied what Rush has to say. My files contain over 6,500 Rush segments, which I keep organized in a note-taking application. I tag each one according to its main subject. My new book, Rush Limbaugh – A Tribute, is a result of that effort.

The project began in November, 2019. I wrote the book between September and December, 2020. I published it on January 10, 2021, with an update on February 17, 2021, the day Kathryn announced that Rush had passed away.

Rush taught us about America and how to preserve her as founded. He explained how to defend the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution against people who want to destroy them. He exposed America's enemies, foreign and domestic. Through his website, he continues to do so.

This book is a tribute to Rush and what he has meant to me over the years. I desire to honor his life by sharing what I have learned with others.

Unsolicited Comment About the Book

A Few More Thoughts

Rush Limbaugh – A Tribute is not a book about Rush. It is a book about what Rush taught over the years. He is the reason for much of what I think about conservatism versus the left, which I hoped to express in words that honor his life without making him responsible for my conclusions.

Rush told us to share what he taught with others, using our own words. This book was that opportunity for me. It also gave me a chance to retell stories Rush told only a few times during his career, stories I thought would warm your heart the way they do mine—stories about his family, Kathryn, The Incredible Adventures of Rush Revere, his profound faith in God, and more.

The book is meant to be a small reference. It summarizes Rush’s most important thoughts about America, her founding, liberty, and how to defend them. I desire that you read the book in that light as you review and remember what Rush taught on many important subjects. Learning to defend Rush conservatism is what he would want most from us, for the country he loved.

Hillsdale College – A Light on the Hill

Hillsdale College - Central HallWith the above in mind, you should look into Hillsdale College’s free online courses for more information about America as founded and other vital subjects.* You will not regret it. Sample courses:

* The folks at Hillsdale College do not necessarily endorse the views expressed on this website. I mention Hillsdale because you should learn about the college, its founding principles, and what its professors teach and defend.


From the back cover: Daniel O. Noorlander Jr.“I’m an average American with only one credential for writing this book: I love Rush and what he teaches about preserving America as founded. I suspect that my experience with his award-winning radio program is similar to yours, and I hope this book reflects a shared feeling of gratitude for Rush and what he means to America.”
— Daniel O. Noorlander Jr.

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