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Rush Limbaugh – A Tribute book review: “Stories From 30 Years of Listening to Rush Limbaugh” (April 26, 2022)

Evil’s Promise: Dooming People to Lives of Abject Misery will be available on Amazon in September 2022.

About Evil’s Promise

(With Quotes about Rush)

Evil's PromiseWhen I published Tribute, I had over 6500 Rush segments in my files. Today, that number has grown to over 7500, all from Rush’s radio program. My earliest ones go back to 2002. My files are where I do my research for the books. Everything is about what Rush said and taught. I include personal comments, how I understand what he taught, and how I apply it today. Many observations came from notes I’ve kept over the years inside the individual files.

Six of the fifteen chapters in Evil’s Promise were originally part of Tribute. I pulled them from the book the day before submitting Tribute to Amazon. At the time, I felt they needed their own focus and treatment. I talked enough about leftists in Tribute that I knew no one would miss them. Putting them in Evil’s Promise enabled me to focus on several topics relating to leftists, which I felt were necessary to cover the subject. The expanded chapters became Section Two in the new book (except for the last chapter, “Final Thoughts”).

We are at a crossroads in America. I hope Evil’s Promise reminds us of Rush’s commitment to defeat the left and their attempt to change America’s unique culture. If leftists succeed, America will cease to be America as founded. And we will lose liberty and freedom forever.

(Evil’s Promise is available on Amazon now!)


Donald Trump: “You know, his fight was very, very courageous. From diagnosis on, it was not going to be beaten. But you wouldn’t know it. And he is married to an incredible woman, Kathryn. Every time I spoke to him, he would tell me how great she was. She took such great care of him. Rush was very brave. He was fighting until the very end. He was a fighter. And just a great gentleman.”

Dr. Larry Arnn: “My friend Rush Limbaugh, who died today, was a force of nature. More than any other individual, he was responsible for breaking the Left’s media monopoly. His voice on the radio will never be equaled. He loved our country always, and came to a deep love of God. His massive audience will miss him, I will miss him, and the country will miss him. Our prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace.”

Mark Levin: “This is a tremendously sad day for those who love this country. We’ve lost a voice like no other and like there will never be again, and particularly at a time when we need a voice like his. He fought and fought. Even when he was getting his treatments, he wanted to get on radio, he wanted to talk to his audience. His audience, in addition to his blood and flesh family, was his family.”

Sean Hannity: “Rush was an innovator. He was a pioneer. He was a trailblazer. He was a great patriot. He fought every single day to make this country a more perfect union and a better place. Over five decades, it was his words, his principles, his ideals, his spirit—it shaped the soul of a nation.”

Rush Limbaugh shaped the soul of a nation! Indeed, more than any other person in his generation.


Daniel O. Noorlander Jr.From the back cover of Tribute: “I’m an average American with only one credential for writing this book: I love Rush and what he teaches about preserving America as founded. I suspect that my experience with his award-winning radio program is similar to yours, and I hope this book reflects a shared feeling of gratitude for Rush and what he means to America.”

From the back cover of Evil’s Promise: “On the back of my first book, Rush Limbaugh–A Tribute: Why I Listen, and What I’ve Learned, I referred to my love for Rush and what he teaches about preserving America as founded. Rush also exposed the left and their objective to transform America into something it was never meant to be. Rush taught us to avoid getting sucked in by the left’s ideology, which he called evil. This book is another tribute to Rush and what he taught about winning the battle for liberty and freedom.”

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Back cover quotes are about Rush from close friends.