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Rush Limbaugh – A Tribute book review: “Stories From 30 Years of Listening to Rush Limbaugh” (April 26, 2022)

Rush Segment Notes

(With Rush, Learning Never Stops)

This page contains note summaries on Rush’s most important segments and monologues, with the most recent note on top. I release a new one every Monday by 8:00 AM (ET). In addition, you may want to consider my Thursday notes on the Rush Revere series, which are history books on America’s founding that should be read by every American interested in preserving the country as founded.

Rush Segment Notes List

Review #14

(Release date: July 11, 2020)

Next up: Rush Limbaugh, EIB Conversation: Rush and Levin Talk About ‘Liberty and Tyranny’ (May 19, 2011).

Review #13

(Released: July 4, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, What Freedom Really Means (November 19, 2012).

A letter from John Adams to his wife, Abigail Adams, on July 3, 1776, read in part: “I am apt to believe that [Independence Day] will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

And so we do, except among groups of Americans who have lost sight of freedom and what this country means to the world, something Rush never did. When Rush gave speeches, he asked his audience: “How did the United States, in less than 300 years, reach heights that no nation in the history of humanity has reached—and some of these nations have existed for thousands of years—how did it happen?” In a word, Rush always answered the same: “Freedom!”

On July 3, 2022, the DailyWire reported on a recent Florida news post with an article entitled: “The City Of Orlando Scrambles To Recover After Asking ‘Why On Earth’ Anyone Would Celebrate The USA.” There’s no doubt how Rush would have responded. Here is a sample from this segment:

Stop and think for a moment of everything in your life that really matters that you take for granted. And let me just list some. Plentiful food, electricity, the flick of a switch for most anything you want, flush toilets, the finest cars, the finest trucks, the finest airplanes, toasters, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, cell phones, smartphones, computers, large-screen TVs, air-conditioning, heating, quality homes and apartments, cutting-edge medicines, cutting-edge medical devices. The list goes on and on and on and on in every one of those categories. We either invented it or perfected it beyond anybody’s wildest imagination.

Rush asked how it happened, “realizing our DNA is no different than anybody else’s.” In other words, Americans are not better than other people. We are not more intelligent or more talented. It wasn’t because of our government. Freedom and only it allowed Americans to reach their full potential as human beings and thus bless themselves and the world in countless ways.

Here’s how Rush said it:

You see, these things, and more that you can mention in your own life, these things all happened because we were the freest people on earth. These things all happened because of a degree and amount of liberty that people around the world have never known before the United States came into existence. There have been socialist, communist, tyrannical governments since the beginning of time. And I am confident in saying that no government anywhere, any time, including ours, is responsible for any of these things on this list that I just mentioned. People with the freedom and the liberty to use their God-given talents and ambitions and ingenuity and creativity made all this happen.

Conslusion: Rush’s inspiring answer makes it clear that if the government had done any of the abovementioned things, it would have happened long before the founding of America. But the government didn’t do these things. It was people endowed with liberty and freedom, “a greater amount for humanity than has ever existed—it’s what made all these advances take place.” So spoke Rush Limbaugh. The same freedom that allowed for so many technological advances in America made it possible for human beings to reach their highest potential as children of God.

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Review #12

(Released: June 27, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, This Show Forced Liberal Media to Drop the Pretense of Objectivity (April 19, 2010).

Larie from New Port Beach, California, wondered how the liberal media could be “lapdogs for Obama” (earlier Rush observation) when Obama didn’t love the country. She wanted to know: “At what point did the media stop being watchdogs? Don’t Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer love this country?” Here’s how Rush responded:

I’m going to answer your question this way, Larie, and it’s one of these don’t doubt me points. I firmly believe—I’ve said this before on the program—I firmly believe that what has driven the media from liberal sympathy to liberal advocacy is me and the rise of conservative media. Back in the day before we existed, they owned it, they had a monopoly, and they were sympathizers, and they were all liberals just as they are now. But there was no opposition of any significance. But now the press is more interested in defeating me and us than they are holding the administration to any type of accountability.

The objective of the left is to silence the right. Leftists can’t do it with their ideas. They can’t convincingly support what they believe with anything near the truth. So they attack facts with lies to ensure their survival. And, as we’ve seen recently, the more they fail with words, the more violent they become.

Rush continued with his explanation:

I think what’s happened here is that they have been forced into admitting who they always have been. Now there’s no pretense at objectivity; there’s no pretense of holding truth to power; there’s no pretense of any accountability because now it’s more important to defeat us than it is to hold Obama or any other Democrat accountable. If we didn’t exist right now they would be behaving far differently toward Obama.

Reagan won over the country with conservatism. Why can’t the left win over the country with leftism? Because, as Rush pointed out, “Liberalism is a lie. They got away with the lie for all of these years. Now they’re being called on all of these things that are not true and they’ve got their backs up. That’s it.”

Rush also pointed this out: “It’s not the same Democrat Party today. Genuine radicals are now leading it. The motive will always be to destroy us before holding Obama or any other Democrat accountable.”

Conclusion: For leftists in the Drive-By Media, it’s not about ratings because they don’t care about ratings. It’s not about the truth because leftists have none. The only thing leftists care about is power. Because they can’t convince or persuade you with their ideas, they must silence you and anyone else who exposes them for who they are. They tried to silence Rush and failed. They must not win with us, those who followed Rush and still believe the principles he taught about preserving America as founded.

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Review #11

(Released: June 20, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, Twitter User Thanks @RealRLimbaugh for Plunging into the Cesspool (October 13, 2020); and The Media Melted Down When I Deleted My Twitter Account (January 11, 2021).

NOTE: This week’s segment review concludes the one started last week.

Rush often said how much he hated Twitter. So it took a lot for him to get on Twitter in the closing weeks of the 2020 presidential election, which he did to support President Trump’s bid for reelection. And he did because he had a message to share about preserving the country: “America is good and decent. It is almost a savior of a country that it is being maligned, it is being savagely impugned. It is being slandered and libeled by a major American political party. And the people doing this have designs on this country that I guarantee you nowhere near a majority of the American people support.”

What are extremists in the Democrat party doing? They are transforming America away from her “founding principle of individual liberty and freedom.” If they get permanent control of the country, “the notion that individual liberty and freedom define the politics of this country will be gone.” So you see what was at stake for Rush. You see why Rush was willing to get on Twitter to make his case for America and say she “is almost a savior of a country.“ Why savior? Because individual liberty and freedom are essential concepts that must exist if human beings have any hope of achieving their God-given potential.

Rush defined his purpose for the program:

The point of everything on this program is to get you, the listener, to see things as I do. Make no bones about it. I love America. I love everybody in America. I want the best for everybody in this country. I want the best for this country. I want this country to be the greatest place on earth because that’s how the people living in this country get to become the best they can be.

Rush’s love for you and this great country drove him to work until the very end of his life when he should have been taking care of himself. He skipped cancer treatments because he knew how many people depended on him, especially during the closing days of the 2020 presidential race. He was there for you and me and America. All this brings me to something Rush said toward the end of the segment, The Media Melted Down When I Deleted My Twitter Account (January 11, 2021):

Folks, I gave this last year everything I’ve got. I don’t want to get too much more into it, but believe me: I gave this last year everything I had. I didn’t take one minute of personal time away from this program. When I was gone, it was medical. You know, doing the Twitter thing was part of the all-out effort to give everything that I and we had to the election effort last year, 2020. We gave it a shot. We gave it a shot. We did what we could, as did a whole lot of other people.

Conclusion: Rush gave it his all. He sacrificed everything right to the very end. He died one month later, on February 17, 2021, at peace with God, his family, and the country. I’ve wondered how Kathryn must have felt watching Rush, knowing he was in the closing days of his life, still giving it his all for what he believed. There can be no doubt that she loves what Rush loved and did her part to support his effort, not thinking of herself or what she must have been suffering. For Rush and Kathryn, it was about loving the things that matter most. When I think of them, but especially Rush, I think of the scripture that says, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (KJV John 15:13). This scripture describes Rush Limbaugh, and we loved him for it.

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Review #10

(Released: June 13, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, The Media Melted Down When I Deleted My Twitter Account (January 11, 2021).

You didn’t have to listen to Rush very long before you found out how he felt about Twitter. For example, the title of a segment in 2015 was Twitter Is a Cesspool (March 16, 2015). Rush had two main complaints. Here is the first:

Do you know how often Twitter is cited as a source for something somebody said? It’s happening more and more. It’s always been that journalists are lazy, that they don’t actually do any reporting. They wait for somebody to send ’em a fax telling them what the news is or what the story is or what have you. This phenomenon of trolling Twitter is because a lot of newsmakers post little thoughts on Twitter, and they make the news. Twitter has actually become a source, if not a source authority, for many Drive-By Media.

Here is the second complaint, in which Rush wonders about an important question:

The question is raised about our culture frequently: Is it really rotting? Is it really deteriorating this fast, or has it always been the way it is, there just was never an Internet where these people could display themselves? In other words: Have we always had a certain percentage of the population that are reprobates and absolute losers—mean-spirited, trolling, foul mouth jerks—or has Twitter created them? Has the Internet and the anonymity that accompany it created this kind of behavior? It’s a question that nobody really knows the answer to.

If Twitter didn’t create the problem, it certainly has contributed to it. It’s one thing to act circumspectly in public. It’s another to type away on your computer in the privacy of your home, not thinking about what you are doing. Too often, it’s an emotional response to something with no one to check your behavior. It’s just words on a computer screen. You don’t see or feel the pain caused by mean or ill-chosen comments. Checking yourself at such times takes self-discipline and an elevated character, which brings me to the next point. Rush never believed that the cesspool element of Twitter represented America.

Just before the 2020 presidential election, Rush “took one for the team” by getting on Twitter to support President Trump’s bid for reelection. The segment to read is entitled Twitter User Thanks @RealRLimbaugh for Plunging into the Cesspool (October 13, 2020). The key takeaways regarding Twitter and the upcoming election came toward the end of the segment when Rush said:

I think Twitter is a cesspool. And I think the Democrats make the biggest mistake in the world thinking that Twitter is America. It isn’t. A majority of the thoughts and opinions that are expressed on Twitter, the media is making the same. The media looks at Twitter as a stand-in for majority public opinion. And it isn’t. And I finally said, “You know what? We’ve got three weeks. We’ve got three weeks until this election. We may as well double down and enter this beast and do what we can to reach as many of the people in it for our purposes” (emphasis added).

And so he did. America is not Twitter, and Twitter is not America. And like most things in life, a tool some people use to do good, other people use to do harm. At this crucial crossroads (i.e., the 2020 presidential election), Rush chose to do good by jumping on Twitter for a higher purpose.

After the election, Rush canceled his Twitter account when the social media giant banned President Trump. Rush called Kathryn and said, “This is unacceptable. We need to cancel the account. We need to do whatever we have to do to get out of it. Just go in there and shut it down.” She said, ‘It’s a great idea.’ So we did, and then the next thing I know, it’s being reported that Twitter canceled me.“

All of the preceding is history now. There’s a more important reason I decided to focus on the first and third segments mentioned above, which I’ll talk about next week. I’m waiting because the points I want to highlight require special attention, including something Rush said in the closing days of his life.

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Review #9

(Released: June 6, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, My Brother Is Right About the Transgender Bathroom Debate (May 18, 2016).

I intended this week to share notes from a different segment but changed my mind after viewing the documentary “What Is A Woman?” (Matt Walsh and the DailyWire). I remembered the “My Brother Is Right...” segment from 2016, in which Rush commented on an article his brother David Limbaugh wrote on the radical transgender movement. Before getting into that, we should review something Rush said in 2015 in another segment entitled: The Debate Over Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom Is All About Power (April 7, 2015). Here’s the quote:

Just like in every walk of life, you have gay people who have nothing to do with politics, lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender, you have in that group of people you have plenty of them that are not activists, that are not into politics per se. They’re just living their lives, you may know them, you may not know them. They choose to be invisible, but in terms of political activists, they’re not. But the people going into these stores are. They’re political activists and they’re attempting to advance an agenda by whittling away at another agenda. But it isn’t about gay rights. This is about power. This is about attacking a majority and taking it down. And in all of these discussions I don’t hear that referenced much at all, if at all.

Significantly, Rush distinguishes between non-activists, people who want to live their lives quietly, without fanfare, and transgender political activists who are not about what is best for society and people generally (including the youth whose lives they ruin). We should treat the former with respect and protect their dignity. We should strive to uphold their rights, as we do for all people. The left is another matter because it’s their purpose is to “undermine, corrupt, and overthrow elements of our culture and our society.” How do they do it? Rush answers: “By trying to normalize behavior that, for eons, has been considered to be anything but.”

The reaction of mainstream Republican moderates is to let it go. For them, like abortion, the radical transgender movement represents another social issue we can’t win on. How wrong they are. Our biggest enemy isn’t the left but ourselves if we give up on the social issues. Rush said something like it many times over the years. For example, he talked about how we gave up on abortion and ended up with infanticide. If not for the left “trying to corrupt the American culture and society..., cultural and social issues would not be issues.”

Rush ended this segment with another stunning observation about the left and what their activism is leading to in the great “bathroom debate” (see his brother’s article). The left seeks the erosion of private property under this thesis: “If you leave it up to private property’s owners, everybody that we love is gonna be discriminated against. We can’t have that, so the federal government’s gonna have to come in and take over everything in order to guarantee civil rights.”

Conclusion: Yes, in the end, it’s about power and who controls it. With the false claim of “fairness for all,” the radical left uses social issues to gain power over your life. To get what they seek, leftists undermine and must eventually destroy the unique American culture. They must, as Rush said, “normalize behavior that, for eons, has been considered to be anything but.”

Worth watching from PragerU (5-Minute Videos): Gender Identity: Why All The Confusion?; The End of Women’s Sports; Preferred Pronouns or Prison; Why Girls Become Boys.

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Review #8

(Released: May 30, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, Don't Worry About What Other People Think (January 26, 2007).

This segment was short but full of meaning. You already know that Rush didn’t stress a lot over how people responded to him, including people who were offended over something he said. People who are easily offended or claim to be, and want to silence you because of it, are only attacking free speech.

A reporter from NPR asked Rush this question: “You use terms like feminazi. You throw these things around. Don’t you worry about it bothering people?”

Rush answered: “The fewest number of words you can use to convey a point, the more power the point has. Now, I understand people are going to be offended, but I’ve had a policy all my life not to worry about offending people because it’s going to happen. It’s a daily part of life. I think way too many people are way too sensitive walking around just waiting to be offended, and I think a bunch of people claiming they’re offended is really an attack on free speech. It is the root cause of political correctness, which is nothing more than silencing things you don’t want to hear when uttered by others, so, ‘That offends me! I will not sit here and put up with that!’ I don’t grant people that much power to offend me. Things said about me or the things I like… I’m not going to waste time being offended by it. Life’s too short, and it’s just words!”

A couple of points stand out to me. First, you cannot please everyone, so don’t worry when you don’t. You need to be you, and if being you offends, so be it. I’m not talking here about being deliberately offensive or rude. Neither was Rush.

Second, using too many words to soften a point because you’re afraid of offending someone may render useless what you are trying to convey. You will have lost the power to persuade.

Third, something Rush taught often: The real motive behind the “I’m offended” crowd is to attack free speech. These folks hope to silence what they don’t want to hear because it contradicts their beliefs (i.e., they are not interested in the truth; hearing it angers them). “It is,” according to Rush, “the root cause of political correctness.”

Conclusion: It should not be your intent to offend, but if you do by speaking the truth, it’s the offended person’s problem, not yours. All this calls to mind something the prophet Isaiah said about people who “watch for iniquity” and “make a man an offender for a word”: In the end, he says, they are “cut off” (see KJV Isaiah 29:20-21). Time is on the side of truth. Truth is on the side of people willing to defend it.

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Review #7

(Released: May 23, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, Explaining Socialism to a New Millennial Listener (May 12, 2017).

In this segment, Rush explains everything you need to know about the evils of socialism. Here are the bullet points (all quotes from Rush):

How socialism is presented:

  • As utopia.
  • As complete equality, fairness, and sameness.
  • As a way of equalizing and leveling everything.
  • As prosperity for all: nobody has anything more than anybody else and nobody has any less than anybody else; everybody is basically the same and treated the same.
  • As love, peace, happiness, contentment, no worries.

Socialists assume the following:

  • Individuals are not capable of being fair to each other.
  • Individuals are not willing to share equally.
  • Individuals are not capable of making the right decisions to live their lives according to the desires of the state.

In reality, socialism is:

  • A hideous and demeaning form of government.
  • One of the greatest inventions of violations of human nature that humanity has ever conceived.
  • It denies individuality.
  • It denies the very real fact that we’re all different, that we all have different ambitions, different intelligence abilities, different degrees of ambition. It seeks to punish achievement.
  • It never seeks to equalize by elevating those at the bottom.

Rush explained socialism’s method: “Socialism always attempts to equalize by penalizing the achievers and lowering them so that nobody is better than anybody else. It’s not presented that way. That’s what you end up with” (emphasis added).

Government is the tool of socialists for achieving their purpose, which is power and gain but only for a few. To get your vote, aspiring socialists promise the following about government:

  • It’s gonna take care of you.
  • It can make sure that there’s no income inequality.
  • It can make sure that there’s no poverty.
  • It can make sure there’s no racism.
  • It can make sure that there’s no bigotry.
  • It can make sure there’s no homophobia.
  • It can make sure that there is no prejudice of any kind.

“Socialim,” according to Rush, “is hideous because it promises all of these utopian things that it has never delivered anywhere in the world at any time in American or world history, and it keeps people poor. It keeps people in need. It denies them the opportunity to become self-reliant.”

In this segment, Rush also talks about the goal of socialists/leftists regarding illegal immigration, billed as “the epitome of compassion.” The opposite is true. Promoting illegal immigration is anything but compassionate (see this and other Rush segments on illegal immigration).

Conclusion: Socialism is a devil-inspired evil that has no place in any society, much less a free one like we have in America. People who embrace socialism buy into a lie. Its leaders do not care about you. They desire only one thing: power and gain for themselves. Everything they claim about what they will do for you is a lie. Socialism cannot and never has delivered on its promises. You are essential only until the people who rule have enough power to control your life completely (i.e., they no longer need your vote). That's when you find yourself living in complete and utter misery.

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Review #6

(Released: May 16, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, Why Joe Biden Cannot Unify America (October 27, 2020).

Rush explains why the left is dangerous to every family in America and why stopping them should be our highest priority for preserving America as founded. He explains what happened to the Democrat party and why its leftist ideology must be stopped and defeated.

There’s a tradition in this country that dates back to the Constitutional debates. There were two parties, Federalists and Anti-Federalists, with different ideas about how to govern but with the same objective to establish justice and liberty for all. Everything changed after Ronald Reagan and the rise of Bill and Hillary Clinton (for details, see the Preface to Tribute and chapter 9, “America’s Unique Culture”).

Rush: “I’m going back now to the JFK era of Democrats, maybe even the LBJ era of Democrats—it used to be we all wanted similar things. We just had different philosophies, political philosophies about how to achieve it.” For example, both parties wanted prosperity for people and a strong military and defense. Both parties believed in American decency, American goodness, and American exceptionalism. The left thinks the opposite. The left believes “that America’s the world’s problem, that America is not the solution.” Because there’s no common ground, the left must be defeated and stopped.

Rush also explained the real purpose of the left, which is “to get rid of the single largest superpower in the world.” And this is “because the American left today is the home of the worldwide communist movement, and we are forever the enemy of communists.” It is not the left’s objective to correct and perfect America: “Their objective,” says Rush, “is to tear it down. And I’m not exaggerating” (emphasis added).

Conclusion: We are nearly two years into Joe Biden’s presidency. We have experienced what Rush predicted in May 2022: “Joe Biden represents the people who want to tear down America and destroy it and rebuild it into something it was never intended to be. That’s what the stakes are. That’s what the stakes are in this election.” Again Rush ended with, “I’m not exaggerating.” We know it today because we see it played out on our borders, in the energy sector, and worldwide as Communism advances primarily unchallenged by a weak Joe Biden presidency.

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Review #5

(Released: May 9, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, Millennial Wants to Know How Liberals Seized Control of Education (August 18, 2017).

This segment is a must-read if you want to understand the long-term objectives of Marxism, communism, and socialism, represented by leftism today, and how leftists are accomplishing their goals. The main points are as follows:

  • The left “have long-term strategies for taking over and controlling whole populations. It is their objective.”
  • The left accomplishes their goals because they are activists, which is a strategy and why they have successfully taken over education in America.
  • Rush explained Marxism: “The fundamental purpose of Marxism is the total control of a population under the belief that individualism and free markets lead to great disparities and inequalities and injustices and unfairness. Now, this is the outward appeal. Marxism is evil, and Marx knew it, but the appeal that seduces people is its justice and equality and fairness. What they don’t tell you is the equality is spread equally to the point everybody’s miserably equal and miserably the same” (emphasis added).
  • The education answer: “Ever since Marx, leftists have known that the simplest, direct way to controlling a country is via education, the news industry, and health care.”

Conclusion: Teaching young people only what you want them to know defies their experience. If they learn that freedom is horrible and capitalism is unfair, and if neither is correctly defined, young people will agree with their teachers that both are horrible. They cannot match their experience with accurate definitions of freedom and capitalism. Leftist educators teach youth that both are unfair and they must abandon them. Young people never learn the truth that embracing leftist ideology leads to misery for all with justice and liberty for none except the handful of people in power.

Review #4

(Released: May 2, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, The “World’s Greatest Orator” Concludes His World Apology Tour (May 19, 2011).

In this segment, Rush explained the difference between what Obama believes about America and the rest of us “deplorable” (Hillary’s words) Americans who believe in America as founded. Rush thought that Obama was “a product of the way he was raised, who mentored him, and so forth.”

In addition, Rush said this about Obama: “The whole concept of American guilt predominates this guy’s existence, and he considers himself to be part of a minority that has been subjugated and discriminated against, and so he identifies with the world...He goes over to Strasbourg, France, and he tells Europe that we don’t think enough of them and haven’t respected them enough; what were his exact words? We somehow have not granted Europe, in our minds, the greatness [they deserve]. Europe wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for us. It’s just outrageous what the guy went over there and said. Then he goes to Turkey, and he says Turkey’s just like us; Turkey’s not a nation of Christians or Muslims; it’s a nation of shared values and ideas. Well, we’re not a Christian nation [per se]; we’re not a Jewish nation [per se]; we’re a nation of shared values and ideas. Not his. The shared values and ideas that Barack Obama harbors are not the values and ideas that built this country. That’s what the argument is all about” (emphasis added).

If that’s the argument, what’s the solution? For Rush, it was to share America’s founding values as often as possible, year after year, like Hillsdale College does through their free online courses. The truth eventually wins, but we have to present and explain it.

On the other hand, Obama thought that the “United States is responsible for most of the problems in the world,” and that history called him to punish her, to make things right. Obama assumes that the rest of the world believes as he does. “All he’s doing,” said Rush, “is trying to relate to what he thinks the majority of opinion is wherever he’s speaking.” Obama was “trying to buy goodwill for himself with all of these people by saying he understands that the United States is guilty and agrees with them.”

Conclusion: Obama did not represent the interests of the United States. For personal benefit, he went abroad to tell the world that he agreed with them, which was an assumption on his part. Leftists exist in every country who stand with the former president. Still, they do not represent the good people who understand America’s positive influence on the world and what it has meant for the survival of freedom.

The other major takeaway from this segment, at least for me, was this Rush conclusion: “I really believe this from the bottom of my heart. I think it does matter how you grow up. I think it does matter who your mentors are. I think it does matter who your political influences are, and there is no question that Obama’s a product of his.” Is it essential to learn American history, good and bad, and teach our youth the truth about America and what she means to freedom? Only if we want liberty and freedom to survive, not only in America but around the world.

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Review #3

(Released: April 25, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, What Happened to the Conservative Movement? (September 26, 2017).

This segment is classic Rush reading from an article that entirely agrees with what he teaches. The topic relates to Rush conservatism, what it is, and what happened to it under Establishment Republican leadership. The segment also explains why the leadership departed from conservatism’s core values and how true conservatives, Rush conservatives, are responding to it.

The article: Kurt Schlichter, “Conservative, Inc., Is Being Replaced by Us Militant Normals” (

Conservatism (Rush’s definition): “The ‘conservative movement,’ quote-unquote, has always been thought to be a specific, certain thing with a membership of specific, identifiable individuals. And it was always thought that there was unity within the conservative movement because conservatism is a set of principles and core beliefs and values—and if you ascribe to them, you’re a conservative; if you don’t, you’re not (emphasis added).”

Conservatism is about authentic, time-tested values and what matters most to patriotic, god-fearing, family-oriented Americans of every race and creed. It’s not about politics per se or the divisiveness among the folks in Washington. It’s about what “normal” people stand for and believe about life and how to live it.

Normal Americans (the author’s definition): Normals are “the Americans who built this country, and defended it. When you eat, it’s because a normal grew the food and another normal trucked it to you. When you aren’t murdered in the street or don’t speak German, it’s because a normal with a gun made those things not happen. We normals don’t want to rule over others. We don’t obsess about how you live your life.”

Rush explains that the conservative movement has been butchered and redefined by people who want to lead it and decide who isn’t conservative. But true conservatism is for everyone. It is not exclusionary. So why do today’s so-called conservative leaders hate and exclude Donald Trump (for example)? They justify their hatred by claiming he’s not conservative. The truth is Trump is popular with the people. He resonates with “normal” people. “There is,” according to Rush, “widespread fear, disgust, and anger over Trump because Trump became as popular as conservatives want to be.”

What do the self-appointed leaders of conservatism do? “They publish magazines; they run blogs; they run websites.” And “many of them live off donors.” What has happened to the conservative movement in America as a result? Rush answers: “The conservative movement, for lack of a better term, has become an intellectual enterprise, an intellectual exercise that does not engage in any warrior-like activity to change anything, does not ever see the battlefield, just comments on it, approvingly or disapprovingly of other conservatives and is largely unhelpful. Mr. Schlichter feels betrayed by them, and that’s the point of his piece. He explains why these people now vote Trump and not for conservative GOP.”

Conclusion: The conservative movement is being replaced by “Militant Normals,” people who love America and their traditional way of life and despair of losing both. Good people everywhere are standing up and speaking out. And aren’t we glad!

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Review #2

(Released: April 18, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, Lifelong Listener Sees Establishment Republicans Squandering Huge Opportunity by Refusing to Embrace Conservatism (July 31, 2014).

A caller from San Francisco called to point out that establishment Republicans are not taking the opportunity to “embrace conservatism.” Rush took the opportunity to explain why. There are two main parts to the answer: First, establishment Republicans don’t embrace conservatism because they don’t believe in conservatism; and second, what establishment Republicans want for themselves is more important than doing what is best for the country.

The segment is excellent because Rush went beyond what the caller may have anticipated or even thought about before making the call. Rush’s response to the caller included the following points:

  1. “In the real world of politics, ... when establishment Republicans see conservatism, they see Barry Goldwater. They see a landslide defeat. They see a Republican Party in the wilderness for 40 years. They don’t see the beginning of a movement. They don’t see something that led to Ronald Reagan. They don’t see Reagan. They see Goldwater.” Rush gave this answer often to explain establishment types, how they think and why they vote the way they do. But there is more to it than fear, as Rush explained next.
  2. Rush identified “the mindset of Republican consultants, and many in the so-called conservative media, who advise establishment Republicans,” who give this advice: “You know, the American people have made up their minds and they actually want a big, energetic government and president. Executive, they call him. They want this. We have got to adjust to the reality that the American people want a large, efficient, energetic government working for them. We have to convince them that we can do it better and smarter.”
  3. One of the reasons Republicans lost the 2012 presidential election is because our candidate followed the advice of his consultants after winning a stunning second presidential debate.

  4. Establishment Republicans “are not really conservative,” a subject Rush expounded on in great detail in other segments.
  5. What came next was an eye-opener: “And there’s another big one, too. They don’t believe in smaller government. Government is the answer to everything. Government is where they make their money. Government is where they have their contracts. Government is where they go to do lobbying work after they finish their work in office and really score, and without big government for lobbyists to massages and manipulate and earn big money, there could be no big financial opportunity!”
  6. Classic liberals, ones who stand up for liberty and freedom (think Alan Dershowitz and Bill Maher), want bigger government because they believe more government is better for the country. Establishment Republicans believe in bigger government for selfish reasons. As Rush went on to say: “Follow the money, and you’ll have the answers to many questions.”

  7. Finally, establishment Republicans aren’t conservative on social issues. Why? Rush answers: “Because it embarrasses them. They think pro-life is a killing issue, for example. Social issues and everything. The things that they’ve won on are the things that they’re afraid of!” In other words, it’s more important to win the next election than do what’s right, which gets back to Rush’s point about following the money. Too many establishment types are more interested in power, prestige, and gain than doing what’s right for America and her people.

Conclusion: There you have it. Establishment Republicans didn’t “squander” an opportunity. They didn’t see an opportunity because they don’t believe in conservatism, at least not in Rush conservatism. They believe only in themselves and their peers.

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Review #1

(Released: April 11, 2022)

Rush Limbaugh, Establishment Republicans Don’t Believe Politics Is About Ideas (November 16, 2016).

Rush started this segment with two essential thoughts. The first had to do with his confidence, which came from studying people and politics. It was his passion, which is also why Rush never worked a day in his life—he loved what he did. So first, you have to study. It’s vital if you want to know anything well. “The learning,” according to Rush, “never stops.”

Second, learning isn’t enough unless you understand what learning means. Just like “faith without works is dead” (see James 2:26), so learning without its corollary component is akin to knowledge without gain, or worse, familiarity with a subject with a misguided purpose as the gain. Thus, according to Rush, learning is “just recognizing what is.” He said it all the time, the truth “is what is.” If you cannot recognize the reality of something yet try and share what you think you know, you have become “as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal” (see 1 Corinthians. 13:1). It may sound good to some but isn’t helpful and may be harmful.

The preceding comments lead to the main point of the segment. To establishment Republicans, “politics has become demographics, not ideas.” For example, they support amnesty because they want the Hispanic vote. Rush responds: “I’ve always thought politics is ideas. And maybe not politics, but advancing, appealing to an ever-expanding majority of people is rooted in ideas, to me, not demographics.”

Here's the problem: "When you go the demographic route, you are, by definition, giving up on persuading anybody. If you think you need Hispanics, for example, you'll go out and try to be what you think they want you to be. Even if that means you have to support something you really don't believe in, like amnesty, you go out and say you do (emphasis added)." Rush continued:

But I've always believed that people are human beings, and we have some things in common, and finding them and appealing to them as human beings rather than as victims or members of a group is, in the long run, gonna be far more meaningful and productive than taking your policy manual and slicing it up into a bunch of different things that may not have anything in common.

Conclusion: If you cannot be true to yourself, it’s hard to form a true and lasting bond with anyone else. There are specific values all reasonable people believe in. Appealing to those values, even if you have different opinions on other issues, leads to a coalition of strength, a bond with people that cannot be broken and will serve the greater good of all.

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